Saturday, June 19, 2021


Amy Walter:

Yes, there is some irony in there, Judy, to say, well, we — the best way to not relitigate the past is just to all agree that, when someone disagrees, you stick with Trump, right? So we can agree that there is no disagreement and Trump has control over the party.

All that said, when I talk to folks, Republicans especially, their feeling is that the media and Democrats are pouncing on this split or what they perceive to be a split within the party, that there is sort of an open wound here, and that Republicans do not want to make the 2022 elections about Donald Trump.

They want to try to move on. And the best way to do that is to not allow the focus to be on Cheney’s difference with the president, and the president continuing to go after her. Try to cauterize the wound now. Move on. Talk about Joe Biden. Talk about Democrats. Make the election in 2022 a referendum on the party in power, not the party out of power.

All that said, Judy, the reality, as we very well know, is that Trump is never appeased. You can appease him now in the short term by saying that Liz Cheney is out because she does not believe that the election was fraudulent, but something else is going to happen between now and whenever that he’s going to be disappointed in Republicans. He will attack Republicans.

And, once again, the leadership, the Republican leadership, is going to be in that uncomfortable position of having to respond.


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