Tuesday, June 15, 2021


Bill Gates:

Yes, I don’t think that’s a fair statement at all.

Again, we went to court to determine whether these ballots should be turned over. When the court said that we needed to do it, we did that. Now, we did — we never agreed, though, to be a part of this so-called audit.

Maricopa County did two audits earlier this year, where we brought in companies that were voting system laboratories to examine things like, were the machines connected to the Internet? Was there any malware connected to the machines? We had these professionals come in, and they determined that there were no issues.

What we’re getting to now is essentially a recount that they’re doing at the Veterans Memorial Coliseum. And under Arizona law, recounts are only allowed in certain instances, where the votes are very, very close.

But we’re not obstructing this. We have watched them go through this so-called audit. And then, last week, they sent a letter to the Board of Supervisors alleging our good elections professionals of numerous improprieties, including some that could be criminal violations.

So we said, enough is enough. And we went through and we responded in that letter to each one of these allegations. There’s simply no basis to this. And instead of asking us these questions, they put these loaded questions out, these accusations out, both in their letter and on a Twitter account called the Arizona Audit Twitter, which, by the way, the Senate claims they have no control over.


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