Sunday, June 20, 2021


David Brooks:

Oh, you know, every party and organization has loyalty mechanisms. And, mostly, it’s, we commit to something together.

The Republican Party as a loyalty mechanism is that you have to believe in the myth, you have to believe in the lie about the election, and you have to believe in the lie about the insurrection.

I saw a YouGov poll today that 74 percent of Republicans think leftist activists were a large part of what caused that. So, you have to believe in the myth. And if you’re a senator, you have to believe in the myth to stay part of the party, and that’s the way it is.

Now, I have to imagine that Mitch McConnell and normal Republicans would love to get rid of this myth and would love to get rid of the Trumpian craziness. And it seems to me, in — for the benefit of the party and for the benefit of the country, you — this commission is a way to expose the truth and to begin the detoxification process.

Now, sure, your party takes a short-term hit. There would be bad headlines. But, in the long-range health of the party, it’s got to be a good thing to get to the truth and expose what happened.

The final depressing thing to me was, 9/11 happened, it was a national blow, and we were at least able to come together around centrist groups of establishmentarians, trusted individuals, and form a commission.

We are no longer that country. And so, if we’re hit by another blow of whatever sort, will we ever have a commission again? Do we have a center in this country? Do we have a group of people who are trusted on both sides? I’m not sure we live in that country anymore.


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