Amy Schumer, Marcus Lemonis leave $30K tip at Comedy Cellar



This ain’t a bargain basement!

Comedian Amy Schumer and CNBC star Marcus Lemonis recently left a $30,000 tip at Manhattan’s Comedy Cellar for stunned staffers.

The generous tip for the club’s workers to split was part of TV personality Lemonis’ initiative, “The Great American Tip Off,” described as a “nationwide call to action to show some extra love to the hard-working Americans who serve us every day.”

Lemonis — who stars on CNBC’s “The Profit” as well as HGTV’s “The Renovator” — posted a video clip to Instagram of the duo visiting the storied downtown comedy club, where Schumer told the staff, “This is my home club… this place changed my life.”

Earlier this year, Schumer helped reopen the club — where she started her career as a stand-up — along with Chris Rock, Ray Romano, Dave Attell and Colin Quinn, after it was shut during NYC’s COVID lockdown. In 2019, she even performed at the iconic spot just two weeks after giving birth.

In the Instagram clip with the big tip, Lemonis tells the staff at the club, “You guys work your asses off every day, and it’s underappreciated. We want you to know that there are a lot of people that appreciate it.”

He also tells the workers of himself and Schumer: “We’re both super blessed — she’s more blessed than I am,” when quick-witted Schumer interjects, “Physically!”

Lemonis continues after her quip: “We wanted to share our blessings with you guys.”

Marcus Lemonis
Marcus Lemonis
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When the duo hands the staff their bill with the $30,000 tip on it, one astonished worker exclaims, “Holy s–t! Thank you very much.”

Lemonis has also left big tips across the US with the likes of Kristen Bell and Jason Biggs.

Amy Schumer and Marcus Lemonis leave $30,000 tip.
Amy Schumer and Marcus Lemonis leave $30,000 tip.
Marcus Lemonis/Instagram

He also just gave over $10 million to his alma mater, Christopher Columbus High School in Miami, Fla.

Amy Schumer
Amy Schumer
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The gift came as a $3.1 million “tip” to faculty and staffers at his former high school, with each employee getting $18,000. He then also donated an additional $7 million to the school for new buildings and upgrades.

Kim Kardashian recently asked Schumer — as well as funny stars Dave Chappelle, Ellen DeGeneres and James Corden — to help her prepare for her “SNL” hosting gig,


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