Arizona woman Stella Montes dead after road rage shooting



A woman was killed in an apparent road rage shooting in Phoenix Thursday.

Stella Montes, 38, was shot by another motorist, causing her to strike a wall with her vehicle and crash into a sign, according to Arizona’s Family.

She later died at the hospital.

A woman who lives near the scene told the outlet she heard about ten shots being fired.

“Felt my whole house vibrate when the van hit the wall,” Brooke Raspa reportedly said.

“We went up over the hill and the lady was stuck in the vehicle and we were trying to pull her out and the police showed up and told us to get out of the way and he started CPR immediately.

“She was non-responsive from the very beginning.”

Montes’ daughter told Raspa at the scene that the incident stemmed from aggressive driving, the article said.

Stella Montes was shot by another motorist and collided into a wall during an apparent road rage incident.
AZ Family / Youtube

“They honked at him to go, not realizing that it was no turn on red and then they decided to go around him and that angered him, apparently. So he drove by and probably emptied a whole clip,” Raspa said, explaining the passenger’s account.

Police did not have information about the suspected killer, who was still at large, according to the report.


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