Chris Cuomo allegedly blasted Janice Dean as ‘that Fox weather bitch’



Chris Cuomo schemed to discredit Fox News meteorologist Janice Dean, allegedly calling her “that Fox weather bitch” in texts after she criticized Gov. Andrew Cuomo for transferring COVID-19 patients to nursing homes.

Fox’s senior meteorologist Dean lost her mother and father-in-law to COVID in March and April of 2020, and became an outspoken critic of the governor and his deadly policy to allow COVID-19 patients into nursing homes, saying on “Fox & Friends,” “He needs to go to jail!”

According to a source, canned CNN anchor Chris wanted to fight to defend his brother and texted with Andrew’s staff about how to discredit Dean.

The source said Chris allegedly asked in a text to an Andrew Cuomo staffer how he could go after “this Fox weather bitch……Any help painting her as a far right crazy?”

It is also believed he participated in calls with the governor’s staff, including Melissa DeRosa, about how to hit back at Dean by focusing on her political leanings. However, as a meteorologist, she doesn’t usually get involved in politics.

Michael and Dolores Newman — the parents of Dean’s husband, Sean, known to family and friends as Mickey and Dee — died soon after the then-governor’s controversial policy was announced.

The 83-year-old Mickey, a former firefighter, was in the Grandell Rehabilitation and Nursing Center in Brooklyn with dementia. He died on March 29, 2020.

Fox meteorologist Janice Dean
Fox News’ meteorologist Jancie Dean blasted former New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo for his policy allowing COVID-19-infected patients into nursing homes.
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Dee, 79, was in assisted living, at the Long Island Living Center, and hoped Mickey would join her when his health improved. She died on April 13.

Dean said she was appalled by Cuomo administration’s March 25 directive that nursing homes could not deny admission to someone solely because they had COVID-19. The policy was expanded to cover assisted living facilities on April 7.

Stories emerged about the lengths to which the governor and his staff went to cover up the number of virus deaths among nursing home residents in New York.

Dean has worked at Fox since 2004, and has told her in-law’s story on the air to Tucker Carlson, Sean Hannity, Martha MacCallum and Harris Faulkner among others.

Janice Dean and Steve Doocy present on "Fox & Friends" at Fox News Channel Studios
Former CNN anchor Chris Cuomo is accused of using his brother Andrew’s government resources to smear Janice Dean “as a far-right crazy.”
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She said on “Fox & Friends,” in March 2021, “We knew he was covering up the numbers and now we are getting more and more information and facts to prove this is true. And the fact that his top aide Melissa de Rosa was in on it to help cover up the numbers, to downplay them.”

Dean continued, “They have never apologized to the families, 15,000 that deserve an apology. The only thing the governor is going to be sorry about is that he got caught.

“You know what — he needs to go to jail and all of those around him.”

Dean added of the work the governor’s staffers did to alter the numbers of nursing home COVID deaths just before the release of Andrew’s book depicting him as a hero, “Promoting that book and making money off of COVID and the deaths of our loved ones is disgusting, corrupt and it needs to be investigated.”

Chris Cuomo
CNN recently fired Chris Cuomo over his alleged involvement in helping his brother Andrew smear his sexual harassment accusers.

Dean said in a statement to Page Six on Friday, “As I have said from day one, this was never about politics.

“I watched first-hand how the governor’s office treated grieving families trying to get answers about the March 25th 2020 executive order to admit over 9,000 COVID positive patients into nursing homes.

“Instead of addressing our concerns or expressing their condolences, Cuomo’s spokesperson Rich Azzopardi called us a ‘death cult.”

Andrew and Chris Cuomo
Andrew and Chris Cuomo are currently unemployed after years in their prominent roles in media and government.
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She continued, “Over the last year and a half I have seen victims of Andrew Cuomo and those demanding accountability demeaned and smeared in the press and on social media.

“And now, with the release of texts and testimony from the AG report, we have seen black and white proof of both Azzopardi and Melissa DeRosa spending many hours of their days in office trying to smear Cuomo’s victims and retaliating against them instead of working hard to help New Yorkers and their families during a once in a lifetime pandemic.

“So while I am not surprised to hear that the Cuomo’s administration alongside his brother Chris Cuomo were doing the same with me, I am glad these details are coming to light.

“None of these people cared about our families. They only cared about themselves and abused their power to try and stifle our voices. We’ve only asked for answers as to why our families were put in danger and the reasoning behind the massive cover up of their deaths.”

Chris Cuomo was fired by CNN last week after information including texts from Chris to Andrew’s staffers released by New York Attorney General Letitia James revealed the anchor had been far more involved that he previously disclosed in work to defend the former governor against sexual harassment claims. It was discussed how to discredit some of Andrew’s accusers.

It then emerged that CNN had also been notified of a sexual misconduct claim against Chris by an unnamed woman who previously worked with him at ABC.

A rep for Chris Cuomo and CNN didn’t return multiple calls and emails from Page Six.

Rich Azzopardi, spokesman for Andrew Cuomo said, “I have no knowledge of this ever happening, and you must ask, why then did the attorney general not put anything about it in her report or ask any of the relevant people about it?”


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