‘Facts of Life’ star Lisa Whelchel stuns viewers with ageless look



Lisa Whelchel seemingly hasn’t aged a day since she starred in the 1979 sitcom “The Facts of Life.”

Whelchel, 58, played wealthy and preppy teen Blair Warner on the NBC series for nine seasons until 1988.

The actress appeared on the network’s special “Live in Front of a Studio Audience: The Facts of Life/Diff’rent Strokes” Tuesday alongside Jennifer Aniston (who played Blair in the live episode).

Aniston, 52, starred in the live revival of “The Facts of Life” alongside actors Gabrielle Union, Allison Tolman, Kathryn Hahn, Ann Dowd, Jon Stewart, Will Arnett and Jason Bateman.

Whelchel sang the show’s iconic theme song and sported an Eastland School uniform, reminiscent of her old costume from the original series. Her former co-stars Mindy Cohn and Kim Fields also stopped by the studio set for the taping.

Fans took to social media to gush over Whelchel’s agelessness during the night’s episode taping.

Live In Front of a Studio Audience
Original “The Facts of Life” stars Mindy Cohn (left) and Kim Fields (right) also appeared on Tuesday’s special, “Live in Front of a Studio Audience.”
ABC via Getty Images

One fan tweeted, “Umm @LisaWhelchel looks AMAZING. #factsoflife#LiveInFrontOfAStudioAudience.”

Another added, “Lisa Whelchel looks exactly the same! Holy moly! Tell us your secret girl! #LiveInFrontOfAStudioAudience.”

“Had to pause for a bit … I thought I was watching a flashback of the #factsoflife, but then I realized @LisaWhelchel has not aged at all!!!” one lamented.

“Lisa Whelchel looks like she’s been using shea butter, drinking water and minding her business since #factsoflife went off the air #LiveInFrontOfAStudioAudience,” a user joked, with another chiming in, “Her face looked younger and 100x more natural than Aniston’s did.”

“Wow, @LisaWhelchel looks so amazing in the #factsoflife show, they should just let her play Blair again. Whatever she’s doing to stay young, it’s working. #LiveInFrontOfAStudioAudience,” said another.

Clockwise from top left, Nancy McKeon, Lisa Whelchel, Mindy Cohn, Kim Fields and Charlotte Rae in an early promo shoot for “The Facts of Life.”
NBCUniversal via Getty Images

Another fan quipped, “Me trying to figure out Lisa Whelchel’s skin care routine because she hasn’t aged in 40 years.”

“No shade to Jennifer Aniston, but Lisa Whelchel could’ve reprised her role as Blair. She looks exactly the same. #LiveInFrontOfAStudioAudience,” a user wrote.


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