NYC executives showering workers with massive holiday tips



A group of advertising industry employees are decking out New York’s diners and food carts for Christmas with lots of green — tips of $100 or more.

“My goodness, this is just so amazing,” said stunned counter server Gladys Cando, 39, a married mom of three who lives in Union, NJ, after January Digital CEO Vic Drabicky left a $100 tip on his credit card for a cup of tea at The Best of New York Food.

Drabicky explained the effort: “The objective is simple: order a cup of coffee or something small, then leave a massive tip. … We want it to be significant enough for our company, employees and recipients to feel the warmth.”

He said his own mom was a waitress and service worker in his small Texas hometown, taking every shift she could.

“Because of this, I know how far a kind gesture can go, especially during the busy holiday season,” Drabicky said.

The 75-person digital consulting and advertising firm is spending $10,000 on this year’s Christmas tips campaign, double last year’s sum. The company asks employees to voluntarily make the generous tips, then reimburses them, Drabicky said.

Victor Drabicky, right, with Mariana Lopez of the Pearl Diner with her $200 tip.
Victor Drabicky poses with Mariana Lopez and her $200 tip at the Pearl Diner.
J.C.Rice for NY Post
Employee Christina Cardino with her cash for extra tips.
Cardino readies cash to give as extra tips.
Stephen Yang for NY Post

Drabicky, 41, says some employees refuse reimbursement — and that one staffer anonymously tips $500 to $1,000.

Drabicky said the company broke with its publicity-shy tradition to talk to The Post, to encourage others to follow suit.

“My parents in India decided to do this in Mumbai, this Christmas, after I told them I’m tipping $100 today,” said Celeste Rodrigues, 26, a Lower East side resident and January Digital employee.


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