Search for survivors after Sicily building collapse



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Several killed in Sicily building collapse

Firefighters sifted through the rubble of a collapsed building in the Sicilian town of Ravanusa on Sunday (December 12), searching for survivors.At least four people were killed – Italy’s Civil Protection said – after several buildings collapsed late on Saturday (December 11), following a gas explosion.Two people, including an elderly woman have been found alive in the rubble. Five more are still missing.Priest Filippo Barbera was leading a church service when the blast happened.“We heard a loud bang, the doors flew open and the windows shattered. We didn’t know what it was, so we interrupted the church service to help. When we arrived at the scene we saw the flames. Apparently, two buildings collapsed because of a gas leak in a methane pipeline. Buildings collapsed, there were flames, and rescuers arrived immediately.”Authorities said blast was likely triggered by a leak from a natural gas pipeline. An investigation into the causes of the explosion has been opened.


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