The legends of mad Max Scherzer, who won’t stop until he beats you



The Mets’ new mound-stalking, mean-mugging megabucks ace is famous for an intensity that gave rise to the nickname Mad Max. Those who have joined him on his furious road to the top of baseball share tales of Scherzer winning at all costs and explain just how deep his competitive streak runs.

Max Scherzer is going to beat you.

He cares more. He wants it more. His arm, as he follows a meticulous schedule that only has added details over the years, will be in better shape than yours. So will his body, which never seems to stop running.

He is smarter than you. If you are a baseball player, he is probably older and definitely more experienced than you. He will beat you with guile, and he will beat you with power.

If you are a Mets player, you will watch him work, you will watch him study — and your preparation will look minor league by comparison. You can only be the student because he is the teacher.


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