TikTok toilet licker claims she found dad on sugar daddy site



As if this lick-tokker’s image wasn’t already in the toilet.

A TikTok influencer who licked a toilet as a pandemic “challenge” has gone viral yet again after claiming she found her own father on a sugar daddy website. Ava Louise posted a video detailing her purported cringe-worthy discovery currently which boasts nearly a million views on the platform.

“When I found my father on the sugar daddy dating website I was using,” wrote Louise, 22, in the description of the clip, which shows her reacting to the uncomfortable bombshell.

In the footage’s caption, the blonde Tokfluencer and part-time sugar baby described how she “messaged him hi dad,” whereupon “he blocked me and we never spoke of it.”

When a commenter inquired why she reached out to him on a sugar daddy social network instead of her phone, Louise replied, “He doesn’t answer my texts. I thought he might answer me there.”

The social media star didn’t divulge whether her dear dad confirmed or denied being a fairy godfather. However, when she told her mom about the exchange, he reportedly “bought her a Cartier bracelet.”

Louise reportedly started her sugar baby “side hustle” while majoring in public relations in college, Vice reported. The grandfather groupie describes how she was first inspired to adopt the lifestyle after noticing her friends on a site called “SeekingArrangement.com,” now simply called seeking.com.

Unlike the pay-for-play services arrangements sought by most “old diggers,” Louise stressed that her relationships were non-sexual in nature.

“There’s all different kinds, ways of being a sugar baby.” the fame junkie had told Vice at the time. “For me, I made it very clear on my profile what I’m looking for. That’s completely platonic.”

She elaborated, “I make sure I show up wearing something expensive, like super nice, and I’ll sit down and talk to them. I empower them and make them feel like they can offer me so much.”

Louise is a sugar baby
Louise said she is a part-time sugar baby.

“So it’s fulfilling them in a different way than sexually,” insisted the self-proclaimed “skinny legend,” who frequently uploads saucy swimsuit pics for her 362,000 Instagram followers.

Unfortunately, seeking out older men is far from the most sordid thing the influencer is known for. In 2020, Louise went viral after filming herself allegedly licking an airplane toilet seat as part of a “coronavirus challenge.”

“Please [retweet] this so people can know how to properly be sanitary on the airplane,” the potty mouth captioned the now-deleted 6-second clip.

Louise’s unsanitary stunt earned her fierce backlash on social media, including from the likes of Meghan McCain and Dr. Phil.

Unfortunately, it appears she isn’t exactly apologetic about her dirty deed. During a subsequent appearance on Dr. Phil’s show, the lick-tokker said she was tempted to cough on the TV therapist as payback for his comments.

Ava Louise became notorious on TikTok after filming herself licking a toilet seat as part of an alleged coronavirus challenge.
Ava Louise became notorious on TikTok after filming herself licking a toilet seat as part of an alleged “coronavirus challenge.”



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